design guidelines


  • Your design should reflect, involve, include, resemble, illuminate Isla Vista in a respectful, non-demeaning way.Tell us how you love the place you live in. 
  •  Your design is restricted to our printing capabilities.  It is preferred to design a front or back print.  If placement is important for your design (hip, bottom of shirt, chest) please upload you artwork on the provided templates. Download here:
  • The maximum colors per print location is 8. You can submit as many designs as you wish. 
  • Your design must be wholly original. By submitting a design you are guaranteeing that it does not contain any copyright material. Copyrighted material includes items found on the internet, unless clearly marked as published under a creative commons (cc) license.  Don’t know copyright?  Learn what you can or can’t do.
  •  Designs will be voted on for one week online from participating users/viewers.  You can vote once per day for any design.

Design Specifications 

  • It’s best if you create your design in Photoshop or Illustrator or another professional design program.
  • If you don’t know those programs, that is completely okay! Please take a high quality scan of your artwork (paper, collage, print, photograph) and submit it through the site.  Please keep the original artwork safely so we can use it to ensure highest quality when converting to screen print. 
  • Feel free to always consult someone that knows professional design programs (including IVSP), to help boost your design and add that WOW factor!
  • Still need help? Take advantage of  "CustomInk's online design lab!" : Easy to use!

Please send a backup final copy of your original artwork to

  • Include your name, number, email address


  • Templates are offered so that you can put your original artwork onto your prefer colored tee or tank.  Our maximum print size is 12” wide by 17” tall.  
  • Remember to suggest the color for the shirt.


O: 805.845.1333  |  F: 805.845.1349